Assistance at Its Best!

General Child Sponsor

In this sector, we target rural schools or schools that do not have proper facilities or resources for the children to learn. We either directly approach such a school or a local authority like the divisional secretariat office or any other volunteer who provide information about a child who is willing to learn and who need help. We do not pursue YouTube or Facebook published articles. We evaluate the child’s character and goals and if we feel the child is suitable, we commence on supporting the child for his/her education. We spend about 5000 LKR to 10,000LKR per month depending on what is necessary for the child’s education. Until the child completes his/her education we will continuously check their progress every month. If there is no progress in the performance after giving a sufficient time, we will stop giving support. We provide financial support for the child’s education only and not for other matters.

Individual Child Sponsor

This procedure is for the type of donor who likes to sponsor all the necessities of one specific child. The child they plan to sponsor can be decided based on their budget. We will allocate the particular donor a child whom we have evaluated but have not started to provide financial support yet. Once we choose to sponsor a child, if that child continues to perform well, we will make sure to provide our support until he/she completes his/her education. We also provide the donor who contributes towards that child’s education, a report of how his money is being spent on the child’s welfare. The sponsors have the capability of visiting the child he supports personally and interact with him/her. The donations have to go through the House of Mercy and we make sure to provide the sponsor with a report relating to the child’s performance as well as how his money has been disbursed.

Counselling and Empowerment

It is not always only financial support that most people are in need of, some people, when faced with difficulties, seek consolation, moral support and advice to direct them towards the right path. Here at House of Mercy, we provide counselling services as well. We have come across many cases where people have come to us, depressed with their current situation. At times like this, it is essential to listen to them first, console them, find out their life goals and provide motivation towards achieving them. For this purpose, we have allocated a call line where such people could converse with us and we will provide them with guidance towards overcoming their problems and becoming successful. Our future plans include of a process where we will go to schools and speak or conduct workshops that will help the children to gain motivation towards working for their dreams and doing everything they can to achieve them. This is a process of spreading positivity among the future generation and will benefit those children as well as the country in the long run.

Self-employment (Parents and Adults)

This program is targeted on parents of whose child we already support. We will evaluate what sort of self-employment is suitable for each parent or adult and guide them towards earning a sustainable income that will make them financially independent in the long run. We hope to provide them with a certain capital in order to start a business and carry on the process of earning. The money we provide has to be returned to the House of Mercy within an allocated time period without any interest and we make sure to provide them with guidance that will assist them in earning well. The amount will be disbursed based on the repayment capacity and the final decisions will be at the discretion of House of Mercy.

Adult Care

The Elder Care Program targets elders who have a place to live but are lacking financial support to afford food or medicine. These elders have no children to look after them and after evaluation, if we come to a realization that certain elders need help, we come into their assistance. We will provide them with a monthly amount and monitor the entire process. If a situation arrives where they will need any other assistance, we will always come to their aid. This program was put forward due to the fact that there are many elders in Sri Lanka who suffer once they grow old and become incapable of surviving due to having no children to help them. In such cases, the House of Mercy will volunteer to be of help to them.

Special Projects

When going to providing assistance we make an effort to cover as many areas as we can. So as one of our projects, we target the schools that lack many education-related items such as school bags, shoes, stationery and other resources that assist in giving the children a fulfilling education. There are some sensitive children who get demotivated due to lack of resources and decide to leave school, so we are here for their assistance by supplying them with resources as well as endearing motivation that will inspire them to study under any kind of situation. Providing motivation at large is possible but when it comes to providing resources that require financial facets we cannot supply them to the entire school. So as per our procedure, we note down the students who really require assistance and after an evaluation decide on helping them.

Proposal: Adult and Child Home

We always make sure to plan ahead in order to pave way for further improvements to make House of Mercy a blessing to the underprivileged. In future, we plan to build a home for the underprivileged elders and children with separated sections for males and females. In the home, we hope to include proper beds, kitchen, entertainment facilities and other basic requirements. We hope to give a shelter mostly to elders who do not have a home or have been sent away from their homes. We hope to provide them with a friendly environment in order to make their last days full of happiness. We subject them into an evaluation before granting them accommodation at the elder and child home. Similarly, if a child is neglected and not having a home, we will take them into our care, provide accommodation and education in order to groom them. We strive to take underprivileged children and mould them into productive human beings who will live good lives as well as serve the country. It is to be noted that this service is not available at present and we seek considerate donations from generous human beings for the purpose of making this elder and child home dream come true!