About Us

The idea for starting the organization “House of Mercy” commenced with the thought of wanting to give and help those who were underprivileged but had a dream in their lives. We started our deed with children. We collected money from people who liked to donate and focused on spending that money mainly for children’s education. Our aim here is to produce hard working and talented professionals to our country out of the underprivileged sector.

The two Co-founders Nihal Fernando and Nishantha Perera (President & CEO) try to assist children & elders in their various needs for improvement in either education or living status. The driving force of our organization is purely goodwill and not any form of benefit. It is a fact worthy of notice that our target is not the poor but the underprivileged people who possess life goals. We have certain donors who contribute some amount to us on a monthly basis. We make sure to inform our donors about the work process on how their money has been spent on elders or on children education development. As an organization with pure goodwill intention, we make sure to maintain its reputation throughout our work process.


Uplifting the living standards of the underprivileged.


To develop a better future for underprivileged children and elders through a systematic approach.

Our Team

Founders’ Message

Pastor Nihal Fernando

Co-Founder, Advisor

“ When I was a child I went through many difficulties due to lack of resources to study. Then at the age of 14, I received sponsorship from a kind-hearted person to do my studies. That granted me the capacity to gain a good education and it instilled in me the deep desire to help other children who lacked resources, once I started earning well. Even though the concept of House of Mercy came in to being years later, I made sure to separate a specific amount from my salary to help those in need. Also, the incident based on the ”Sudu Neluma Ko” song became a turning point in my life and created a powerful motivation within me to make sure I helped innocent children who struggled to learn with an opportunity that would brighten their lives and help avoid unfortunate incidents as have been described in that particular song. With time I developed the concept of House of Mercy along with my partner Nishantha Perera and we still keep on to giving life for underprivileged children by giving them a chance for education and improvement. I believe if we do our part for our country and others we would have fulfilled a great purpose in life. ”

Nishantha Perera

Co-Founder,President and CEO

The feeling you get once you have helped someone to go forward in life is a true blessing! But rather than giving the fish, here at House of Mercy, what we focus on is, showing them how to fish. That way they will turn out to be independent citizens one day. A fact that is evident in society is that a lot of people think they can only give when they have money in abundance which is not very inspiring. Even if you have little, you can still contribute a very small amount to a child’s education which will become one of the most compassionate acts you could ever perform. Also as far as I have seen most people spend extravagantly on things like alcohol which would ultimately cause them harm but hesitate on spending to make someone’s life better. So what I request from the society is, step into the shoes of a child struggling to learn & imagine if that child was you, how many difficulties you would face! A small donation could create miracles for such children, so do what is morally right. What our organization focuses on is quality rather than quantity. We may be unable to help everyone but the ones that we do help, we make sure to help them to gain the maximum in their lives and become great citizens who will help others in the future. We always make sure that we give a report to our donors in order to give them value for the money that they have given out of the goodness in their hearts.

Quality Policies

We make sure the children whom we hope to give assistance to have the yearning to become successful people in their lives. He/she should have a dream which he/she hopes to fulfil one day.
We take the child to a suitable level where he will be groomed into a person who is aspiring and working hard to achieve his dream.
In terms of elders, we research on the fact whether they really require assistance, and if they do, we proceed on helping them to the best of our ability.